Monday, September 2, 2013

See You on the Flip Side!

Hey there, peeps! Blaine and Joey Joe are here guarding the blog and keeping it warm while I'm off taking care of business elsewhere. I hope to return at some point in the new year.

Until then, feel free to make yourself at home poking through the archives or checking out some of my photos!

Or, if you're looking for something else to read, I'd recommend these totally kickass doll related blogs:

Sunday, September 1, 2013

1,397 Days Ago...

. . . I opened my little etsy shop. At first, all I had were Christmas ornaments. (Which sold like hotcakes that first year, and then never sold again, lol. You can never predict the market!) Eventually, I added chairs and sofas and tables and trays and shelves and kitchen sets and beds and desks and pillows, all kinds of crazy things I would never have dreamed I could make. Thank you all so much for believing in me and encouraging me, and loving my stuff as much as I do. It's been nearly four years, and a cool adventure. I'm so glad you came along with me. The shop will close (for good) at midnight Pacific Time (2 am my time) tonight. Please be sure to grab anything you want before then. :) Thank you so much for all the purchases, peeps. I'm happy to report I'm almost cleaned out, which is amazing and insanely helpful in so many ways!

Did I mention...

Oh Blaine. You make every day better. :)

Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend!


Oh, and a couple of you asked me for my ebay link. Duh! I guess I should have given you that last week! Almost everything is gone, but there are a few stragglers left. The auctions end tonight,  but also have buy it now options. Click here if you want to check them out. (Am I the only one who completely hates ebay? 6 out of 10 non paying buyers last time?) So... no crazies, please, lol.

Friday, August 30, 2013


Just wanted to let everyone know that the final items have finally been added to the shop. Nothing like waiting till the last minute, right? Everyone keeps asking about chairs, and yep, I've added a bunch. Went through my "keep" box and parted with a few more things. I figure I can always make more stuff, after all. So, it seems only fair to make everything I can available to the people who want it. :)

Also, since there seems to have been a little confusion, let me be totally clear. I will NOT be reopening the store after we move. I will no longer have the time or space to do so, so it is not an option. While I hope to be back to blogging/photos/getting back in touch with everyone next year, this weekend is the end of etsy for me.Sunday night at midnight Pacific Time,I'll be closing the shop for good, after 3 years, 9 months, and 28 days. :)

Thanks, guys!


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